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Elaine's Black Bear  Page


This page includes photos of the black bear and links to other bear sites.  Also included are links to my genealogy and interest pages. Since this is my first attempt at creating a homepage, please bear with me (tee hee!).  Any feedback is welcome. Pictures on these pages may be used for non-profit only. If you wish to use these pictures in your web page please contact me.


My black bear photos- just click on the thumbnail images to enlarged them and then click on the enlarged graphic to return to this page:

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This photo was taken as the bears walked down our road in front of our house. In early spring we sometimes have a mother bear and her cubs pass through the area on their way to the marsh that is behind our neighbor's property.  The mother bear is extremely protective of her cubs and will send her cubs up a tree while she confronts a male that she feels is a threat. 

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These two bears were making a racket, growling and such.   When I first heard the racket from my deck, I wasn't sure what was going on. Three cubs had clawed their way up a nearby tree and these two bears were fighting--or rather one bear probably was letting the other bear know who owned the territory.

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Just hanging out.

Bear Related sites:

American Bear Association - Home  This site has some great bear pics and links to other bear related sites. Bear Country USA-black bear info as well as other info on animals in their park.   The Bear Den- great info on most species of bears.

More Bear Pictures to come....

Dundatscheck, Bindler Genealogy- To include McNamara, Walz, Toohey, Castrovinci, Bey and DiGirolamo lines.

knit.jpg (2952 bytes) links to yarn websites, other related sites, gauge conversion worksheet and a few of my completed projects.

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