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Dundatscheck Genealogy

The Name

Eric & Jennie

Ethel & Roy

Louise & Al

Ronald & Eileen

Richard Dundatscheck

Louis Dundatscheck













This genealogy is brief as there truly are few with this surname as spelled above. What you will find here is a compilation of what I have been able to gather from various sources, both through public records and through stories passed down. Unless a source is sited, public records have not been used to confirm the information.  Other possible spellings are included for those researching the name. Pictures have been included, but must be clicked-on to enlarge. Some will take some time to load because of the size.

The Name
The origin of the Dundatscheck (pronounced dun'-da-chek) is thought to be either Serbian, Polish or Germanic. Variations of the name that I have come across include Dudacheck, Dundaczek, and Dundaschek. No relations have been established with these spellings, however.

The Dundatscheck Line
The earliest known relation is Erik Dundatscheck who was said to have been a footman to the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. His son Paul Dundatscheck was born and married in Germany, and became the head cook on the steamship Bremmen of the Lloyd line.  Paul's son Erik Paul was born the 9th of May, 1899(1897?) in Potsdam, Germany. Paul's wife was institutionalized and later Paul immigrated to the U.S. with his son who at the time was around thirteen.

No citizenship papers have been found for Paul, and he may never actually have became a citizen of the US. He did work in a restaurant for a while before he succumbed to Tuberculosis in the early 1920's.

While Paul was in the US he met a woman who took on the Dundatscheck surname for herself and her two children. She didn't marry Paul.  Her name was Louisa Sawyer. Her children: Hans (Richard) born March 9, 1904, died July 1977 ( Social Security Files) and Louis born January 14, 1903, died November 1984 (Social Security Files) were born before Louisa met Paul. 

Paul's son Eric Paul Dundatscheck married very early. In order to do this he used the assumed name of Frank Bates on his marriage license. He married Alice Bey on Feb. 19, 1915. This caused a great deal of trouble for the children, as the father is listed as Frank Bates on the birth certificates. The four children are Ethel Alice Mary, Louise, Eric Paul and Ronald. 

Paul Dundatscheck
Pictured on the far right.

Paul Dundatscheck (left)
  in his residence in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Louisa and her two sons.

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