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The scarf is made on the BOND ISM using keyplate 4. As you can see by the texture above the yarn lends the surface a nice burbur texture. I use 2 skeins of Lion Brand HomeSpun for this scarf. The scarf is double sided and measures about 7' 9" long including fringe (fringe is 4 1/2" at each end). If you want a shorter scarf  reduce the rows.

1. Bring every third needle forward for the cast on until you have 33 needles forward.

2. Cast on with waste yarn and knit 6 rows. 

3. Now push the needles forward again and e-wrap cast on the main yarn.

4. After the cast on knit approximately 240 rows. To aid in matching sides later, mark the edge stitches every 10 to 15 rows by tying a short piece of contrasting yarn around the stitch. Note you will need to watch ALL end stitches to make sure that they knit properly. Add weight to the edges if necessary.

Seaming the first end

1. Remove the knitting onto waste yarn by threading the stitches with a needle and waste yarn. 
2. Remove knitting from machine. Gently pull the scarf length-wise.
3. Fold ends in half right sides facing each other. (16 stitches each side of the fold with one stitch at the fold)
4. Backstitch the doubled-over edge through matching stitches on each side begining at the side opposite the fold (yes there will be one stitch which will be without a match at the fold). Knot off the end.

Seaming the side This is where those yarn markers you put in before help to match up the stitches.

With right sides facing each other:
You can either half crochet the edges together matching stitches (gives flexibility to the seam).


Backstitch the layers together. Be careful not to backstitch too tightly as the scarf will stretch lengthwise.

Seaming the last end
With wrong sides facing backstitch through both layers. Knot off.

You will need to make 78 pieces of fringe. The fringe uses 2 pieces of yarn for each. I used a video rental box and wrapped the yarn around the width of the box. These boxes are nice because there is room to insert the scissor along the side of the box that opens. Use two pieces of yarn for each fringe and space them across the edges evenly. You should use 34 pieces of yarn for each end.

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