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Trail page:

Lake Waywayanda used to have summer cottages back in the 50’s. This letterbox will take you past some of the remnants of these cottages.  

Please note that the Waywayanda State Park charges a $10 fee on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s a bit cheaper during the week. Also be aware that this park allows hunting so your best bet during the later part of the Fall (and early winter) is to visit on Sunday when hunting is not allowed. When these boxes were placed the paths mentioned were being used for a bicycle race. So you may want to keep your eyes out for cyclists along these paths. Most of the time you will not be on official trails, so for safety's sake print this out and leave it with someone who is not going with you. While I doubt that you will become lost, it is the standard precaution especially when you go it alone. .

 Clues: Stop by the Park office as you enter the Park and get a trail map. Once in the park follow signs to the Boat Dock area and park there. Head left along the lake. You will come to a dam; head to the right over the dam. Just after the dam is a bench with a stone in front of it. (In front of you is the Wingdam trail-we’ll return that way later). From the stone in front of the bench take a 315 degree reading. Follow this heading into the woods along the edge of the lake. At the beginning of this path you’ll need to climb over two trees crossing the path. Stay within 10 – 15 feet from the lake’s edge. After a few minutes the path will bend to the left just as you pass a remnant of a chimney. Stay on the path close to the shore.  

You will come to a point where the trail starts heading 210 degrees taking you inland a bit (maybe 50 feet from the edge of the lake). Continue on the path which eventually takes you back toward the lake. You will come to an area where the woods close in on you a bit with Rhodendrons creating a canopy. Just after this canopy is a narrow pipe crossing the path. You will note remnants of a summer cottage (foundation and chimney) on your left. Follow the narrow pipe (130 degrees) to its end.  From the end of the pipe proceed about 14 paces on a 160 degree heading to a hollowed out tree trunk. From the back of this tree trunk, travel on a 165 degree heading about 11 paces to place you between two trees about 1 foot apart. From between the trees take a 50 degree heading and 3-4 paces to a pile of stone beneath a pine tree. Beneath the stones is what you seek.  Please do not move the top stone. The smaller stones below it can be moved easily. Check the spot with a stick before moving any stones (just in case). Please return Box 1 to its hiding place when you are done and fix the lower stones to hide the box.

 Return to the path by the pipe. Heading left along the trail you’ll come to another chimney after a short while. After about another 80 paces you’ll come yet again to more chimney remains. Just after this the path heads inland at a heading of 165 degrees. After about 40 paces you will find 5 trees growing together where the path meets another path. Go right (about 220 heading) following the path. Soon the path turns to the left and comes across yet another path. At this next path, go right (200 degrees). Follow this until you hit a main trail. This is the Wingdam trail. Turn right. 

 After a short distance you’ll come across a bridge. Take a breather and sit down on a bench. Cross the bridge and continue until you reach a fork (the main trail go left while there is another path leading to the right. There is a Wingdam trail marker on the tree in front of you. Click on picture to enlarge:

Take the path to the RIGHT. This heads you back toward the lake. There is a point where the trail leads toward the left and there is a big pine tree in front of you. After a short distance the trail again leads to the left. At this point there  will be some flat stones on the ground next to the path on the right  as the trail turns left. If you look closely you may see a small pipe sticking out of the ground about 5 inches. If you look at the arrangement of the stones you will notice that they are not random. For a quick side trip head toward the water toward the right over the clearing.:

As you will see someone has arranged stepping stones out to the little island:

We'll not be journeying there today.

Return to the path and continue Keep an eye out for a tree where at the base of the tree a small animal might crawl freely beneath.

Put you back to this tree facing the path. At about 140 degrees take 18 paces. What you seek is just behind the tree. Return the box to its spot when done. Back track to the Wingdam trail and head left. This will take you back to the bridge and after a few more minutes back to the dam whence we came.